Road Master Striping, LLC

Road Master Striping (RMS), LLC, a trusted leader in surface marking, is family-owned and operated. RMS works with State (TXDOT), municipalities and private industry in providing pavement markings and related services for public safety, traffic control, and customer parking convenience.

Their services include:

  • Layout, preparation and sealing of concrete, asphalt, and treated surfaces
  • Removal and overlaying of parking marking
  • Sand and water blasting
  • Installation of thermoplastic, and preformed hot and cold tape
  • Installation of buttons and reflectors
  • Application of paint and reflective extruded thermoplastic
  • Traffic signs
  • Complete custom "Turnkey" services

What this means to you: RMS will quickly earn your confidence in having selected a full-service experienced contractor that utilizes top-grade equipment and expert staff to meet your special needs. They take on jobs from the smallest projects to complete large-scale turnkey operations. For your consideration, Road Master Striping LLC is pleased to give good reason to earn your confidence by presenting their solid fundamentals and notable credentials in providing a superb service - delivered on time every time. Also, if applicable, they are certified to meet your DBE program objectives.